Accessible Sign-In Kiosks

Flagstaff Group

The Flagstaff Group are a proud local employer of people with a disability. They wanted to implement a hardware solution to make their existing automated employee sign-in system as accessible as possible. Employees sign in by scanning a barcode on their employee ID cards using the built-in front-facing iPad camera. Aligning the barcode with the camera and keeping it steady during the scan was a significant constraint making off-the-shelf hardware inappropriate.

We designed a custom iPad enclosure with a physical card holder that made alignment with the camera effortless, and a specially adapted shorter Versa kiosk to make the system more accessible, especially for wheelchair users.

As accessibility and usability were the core goals of the project, prototyping was an essential step to allow the design to be effectively tested before going to production. By combining the natural flexibility of our Versa kiosk with our in-house design capabilities and network of trusted local manufacturers, we were proud to deliver the project in a cost-effective way despite the small number of total kiosks required.

Our customised Versa kiosk, with specialised ID card holder

IQ KIOSK have been a wonderful local business to partner with for implementing our new staff check-in kiosks. The team have been very easy to work with, producing a quality custom solution to fit our unique requirements. The experience from the initial design consultation through to fabrication and deployment was very professional. Highly recommend contacting IQ KIOSK for any business looking to install an interactive kiosk solution.

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  • Victoria State Government
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