Customer Insight Centre Visitor Kiosks

In major cities across the country, one of Australia’s leading telecommunications companies has dedicated spaces they call Customer Insight Centres jam-packed with the latest and greatest digital technology to serve as conference, presentation, meeting and demonstration spaces for enterprise customers.

With a large number of outside customers visiting the spaces each year, each visitor needs an identification badge and to understand the special requirements that apply to them. With a brand as valuable as theirs, these badges needed to beautifully and faithfully represent them as a company, but being inherently disposable they also needed to be fully recyclable and responsibly produced, limiting the need for wasteful consumables. As a technology leader, it was equally important that the self-service kiosk software and hardware not look out of place among some of the most spectacular technology in the world.

As the realities of working in a post-COVID-19 world became apparent, we also needed to capture medical declarations applying the customer’s brand-new site access policies and capture contact tracing information for every visitor, including producing custom illustrations applying their brand guidelines.

The solution we developed is wholly-custom and fully customer branded, allowing staff to manage attendee lists in advance, track and manage medical declarations, and report on visitor metrics at each site. Working in tandem with our sister company Studio IQ, we custom-designed a brand new kiosk with specialised ticket printers for dispensing and printing extra-thick thermal name badges. We also custom designed and printed the underlying badges themselves on specialty heavy stock.

The custom-designed and manufactured kiosk balanced a broad set of needs (both functional and aesthetic)

We used to use manually printed plastic name badges for our events, it took hours each week, now my team have been so grateful for the new digital kiosks. We had lots of custom requests and they were always delivered on point. I thoroughly enjoyed the endless emails back and forth on the logic of the updates we were requesting, they always made sure we were 100% on the same page before production kicked off. The kiosks have had nothing but great feedback from our stakeholders on how easy and digital first the new kiosks are. Another great idea was to use magnetic branding so it could be changed if required and they fit in perfect in our centre. Don’t worry you’ll be hearing from us again soon!

The software’s idle screen, reading “Get your name badge here”. The background animates in a loop.
The software’s name entry screen requires at least two matching characters before showing pre-enrolled attendees with limited personally identifiable information
At the time of its creation, the software required attendees accept the site’s new COVID-19 rules and responsibilities.
The software’s final screen shows a brief animation of the pass and its clip, directing the user to retrieve them.

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  • Victoria State Government
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