Kiosk Maintenance

To ensure the longevity of your IQ KIOSK product, we suggest regular cleaning and maintenance of the kiosk and its components.

Kiosk Body

All our kiosk bodies are made from 100% Australian powder-coated steel, which is very hard-wearing and requires very little cleaning or maintenance.

Wipe the body clean with a soft microfibre cloth with mild detergent. Do not use harsh chemical or abrasive cleaners, especially on acrylic or vinyl artwork panels.

In order to protect the metalwork against corrosion, any cuts or scratches in the powder-coating should be covered with touch-up paint as quickly as possible.


To clean your touchscreen unplug the touchscreen from power and use a soft microfibre cloth with mild detergent.

Please note that special wipes for touchscreens may contain corrosive agents and could damage your product.


Accumulation of paper dust and dirt may cause the printer to not print portions of characters. It is recommended you clean your printer at least every 6 months.

Turn the printer’s power switch off before performing maintenance.

Thermal Head

To remove the blackened paper dust that has accumulated on the thermal head surface, wipe it clean with a cotton swab (or soft cloth) dipped in alcohol (ethanol, methanol, or isopropyl).


  1. The thermal head is easily damaged. Be sure to clean the thermal head with a soft cloth, and be careful not to damage the head.
  2. Do not clean the thermal head immediately after printing, when the thermal head is hot.
  3. Be careful of static electricity while cleaning the thermal head. Static electricity can damage the head.
  4. Turn the power on only after the alcohol has dried completely.

Platen Rubber Roller

Using a dry, soft cloth, wipe off the dirt from the rubber roller. Clean the entire rubber roller by rotating it.

Paper Holder

Clean the paper holder of debris, dust, paper particles, etc. that may have accumulated.

Magnetic Swipe Card Reader

Using a damp microfibre cloth, gently wipe over your card swipe, being sure not to get any liquid inside the device.

Do not insert anything inside the card swipe as this could cause irreparable damage.

EFTPOS Terminal

For general cleaning, wipe down the terminal with a lint-free microfibre cloth lightly dampened with clean water.

For stubborn stains or build up, add a drop of dish washing liquid to a tub of water, then dampen the cloth with this solution.

When wiping, do not allow excessive moisture to seep into the card openings and gaps across the terminal.

Do not attempt to clean an obstruction in the card slot with a tool that may damage the sensitive reader.

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