Free up staff by allowing customers to help themselves

Our kiosks and custom solutions are designed specifically with your users in mind, making IQ KIOSK the perfect partner for your next self-service project

Today’s customers are tech-savvy, engaged, and thoroughly invested in their own customer experience. By implementing self-service solutions businesses are able to leverage their customers’ familiarity with touch-screen devices, such as smartphones, and improve their experience whilst also reducing costs and strain on personnel.
For your business this means increased cost efficiency and the ability to drive customer loyalty by removing roadblocks and improving their brand experience. Implemented in a range of industries from hospitality to government services, self-service provides your customers with a way to meet their needs quickly and efficiently.

Benefits of self-service kiosks

Self-service kiosks can come in many shapes and configurations depending on your individual needs, but their purpose remains the same: allow the customer to receive a service at their own convenience.

  • Less staff interaction means your resources are freed up to perform other roles such as delivering more personalised or enhanced customer service
  • Reduced wait times and less queuing minimises your customers frustration and drives brand loyalty
  • Ability to take advantage of your existing digital tools and processes, such as your website
  • Improve your customers experience by putting them in control
  • 24/7 access for your customers
  • Increase efficiency and associated profits by serving more customers in less time, and scaling up or down depending on your needs

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We’ve proudly produced kiosks for some of Australia’s biggest companies

  • P&O Cruises
  • IGT
  • Aristocrat
  • Victoria State Government
  • Johnson & Johnson
  • Village Roadshow Limited
  • Sea World Resort
  • ClubsNSW
  • Panthers Group
  • Wests Group
  • Warner Bros Movie World
  • BHP